Model Type


Small compact size
Digital display
Field set, dual level alarms & relays
Transducer/cable health check
4-20mA outputs
Monitors vibration, velocity or displacement
Buffered signal for portable data collectors

DN2601 Module

Up to 16 vibration or other inputs
Individually field configurable
Remote Modem access
Reading type (A, V or D)
Built-in alert, trip & system integrity alarms
Historic readings and trends
Self contained IP66 wall-mounted enclosure

VibroWeb System

Monitors vibration & temperature levels
2, 4, 6 or 8 channels scanned
Ideal for early warning of bearing failure
Continuous 4-20mA output each channel
Adjustable dual alarm level each channel
Display reads measured & alarm levels
Housed in rugged IP66 wall enclosure

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Modular, flexible construction
Monitors vibration, temperature, etc.
Use on all types of rotating machines
Front panel LED alarm displays
Remote alarm reset facility
Low cost, high integrity signal conditioning
Analogue outputs for trending, recording.

Machine Condition
Monitoring Systems
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High visibility LED bargraph & digital display
Modular self contained conditioning units
Configurable by front panel or PC software
Individual module Intel microprocessors
Vibration and Displacement modules
Individual dual level alarms
Flexible and versatile system

Signal Conditioning System