New portable meter makes vibration monitoring easy.
Sensonics has introduced
Vib-Check, a new pocket-size, battery operated vibration meter complete with a hand held accelerometer probe for the monitoring of virtually all rotating machinery such as fans, centrifuges, motors, pumps, conveyors, etc.

With a competitive price of £395 for the complete kit, Vib-Check is easy to use and is ideal as an entry level instrument. With its simple three button controls, it requires no complicated training in its use and can be effectively used by any maintenance facilities personnel.

It meets vibration management routines in accordance with ISO2372, and its portability encourages regular monitoring of vibration levels on
machinery around the factory. This increases the likelihood of a successful condition
monitoring programme being maintained.

Vib-Check measures vibration as acceleration from 0 to 20g, or velocity from 0 to 50 mm/S (True RMS) by selection of the tactile switches, with level values displayed on the 31/2 digit LCD readout. Its frequency range covers 10 Hz. to 1 kHz. and accuracy is 0.1 mm/S.

The unit also has a built-in accelerometer checking facility and is powered by a standard PP3 9V battery with a typical life of 30 to 50 hours.

The complete kit includes the meter, a hand-held probe with spike,
interconnecting cable, carrying case and a guide to vibration monitoring.

Options include: Cable - Coiled, armoured and different lengths.

Spike - different lengths of 25, 100 and 200mm.

Adaptors/Studs - threaded or bondable, Quicklock or magnetic mounts.