To help gain the most benefit from your accelerometers
Sensonics manufacture a wide range of ancillary products which include...

Fixings and mounting studs
With all types and sizes of thread, which can be isolated and suitable for
welding or cementing to machine castings

Connection and Switching Boxes
For easy data collection from installed transducers

In-Line Charge Amplifiers
For charge Sensitivity accelerometers

Accelerometer Simulation Units
For calibration of all monitoring systems

Other accessories include:
Cable, Connector and Conduit Harnesses
Bracketry - To enable effective mounting of accelerometers in difficult positions
Magnetic Bases - For temporary mounting of all transducers

Fixing Methods For Accelerometers
The preferred method is using fixing screws or stud, this is the most dependable method
and gives the best frequency response.
For Transducers that are likely to be removed often, quick release fastenings can be provided.
When machine cases cannot be prepared transducer fixings can be cemented in place.
Magnetic bases can be provided when transducers are to be mounted temporarily although
some degradation of Frequency response is likely. Contact spikes can be used for
"hand held" vibration measurement.