for the automotive and HVAC industries

Calorimeter are test systems used to precisely measurement and evaluate the thermal performance and energy efficiency of heating and cooling products and systems, such as:


-       Heat Pumps                                   -  Refrigerator Compressor

-       Heat Exchangers                            -  Chiller system & Components

-       Air Conditioners                              -  Insulation Material Compositions

-       Condensing Units                           -  Automotive A/C system & Components

-       Radiator Heat core                          -  Evaporator & Condenser coil assemblies

-       Climate Control systems


Busung calorimeter systems are sophisticated, self-contained units capable of simulating a wide range of controlled environments to determine the effects of various operating conditions on heating and refrigeration systems, subsystems, and components.


We provide turnkey test system and facilities for the automotive and HVAC industries to help manufacturer determine and certify compliance to industrial standard and government regulations.


Our designs follow the guidelines of KS, ASHRAE, ARI, AMCA, ISO, ANSI, JIS and other international standard.

-       Psychrometric type calorimeter for air


-       Heat balance type calorimeter

-       Heat Exchanger test system

-       Hermetic Compressor calorimeter

-       Automotive compressor calorimeter

-       Automotive system calorimeter

-       Condenser calorimeter

-       Evaporator calorimeter

-       Automotive system test bench

-       Radiator heat core calorimeter